Realistic Action Roleplay

Welcome to RARP - Realistic Action Roleplay! Here is where your dreams come to life. Hunt and survive in the Warriors forest, learn spells and duel at Hogwarts, or battle for territory on the city streets. Your adventure is yours for the making. The only limit is your imagination.

*follow the rules though

Have any comments you'd like to make to an owner or supervisor? Give our team a ring at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help you!


- Warriors RARP Launch - 12/21

- RARP Guide Launch - 12/30

- Warriors RARP Launch Event - 1/12 - 1/18


The goal of RARP has been, and always will be, to provide our community of members an innovative, fun, and drama-free place to roleplay with others, chat with friends, and build their skills as a writer and as a roleplayer. We will provide only the most excellent member services, and treat all members with utmost respect.

Realistic. Action. Roleplay.

EST. 2013