Realistic Action Roleplay

1. Rudeness or discrimination, towards anyone, is not tolerated in the slightest. This includes all sorts of disrespect, from harassment and intimidation to spreading rumors. Any sort of rudeness or disrespect will not be tolerated at any of RARP’s branches, especially towards newer members. Please remember to be welcoming towards all members, too, instead of intimidating.

2. Please keep all account names appropriate in regards to that branch. A member of the Warriors branch should have a realistic Clan name, or, if said member is a rogue or loner, a name that is appropriate to the Warriors’ world (i.e. no offensive words in username). A member of the Harry Potter branch should have a realistic first and last name for their character. A member of the Gangland branch can either use their character’s first and last name or a “street” name that fellow gang members address them by.

3. Spamming, under any circumstances, is not allowed and will result in a ban for the offending user.

4. Please keep all controversial subjects, like politics, religion, rape, etc., out of RARP completely. These cause nothing but drama and debate and detract from the roleplay experience.

5. RARP is a community of people of all ages. Therefore, please keep all sexual material, whether it be images, roleplays, or sexual conversations, off of RARP. As a community of all ages, please refrain from swearing as well.

6. Hacking someone else’s account is absolutely forbidden and will result in a ban. This includes password-guessing and more brutish tactics, like brute-force password guessers.

7. Trolling, described as inflammatory or irrelevant messages used to stir up controversy and debate, will not be tolerated anywhere on RARP’s branches.

8. RARP is RARP, and not any other site. Therefore, all issues that occur on sites separate from RARP must be kept off RARP. Keep drama from other sites off of RARP.

9. Please type your posts in English, as this is an English-based website. This includes foreign members. We apologize for any inconvenience.

10. Animated .gifs or very large images cannot and must not be used as a profile picture or on a member’s profile due to bandwidth concerns.

11. Please avoid unnecessary use of links and emoticons. Links eat up bandwidth, and constant usage will cause the site to freeze. The occasional link is fine, but do not use excessive links.

12. Staff members will have to be active enough on RARP to serve their respective communities effectively. By not being active, a staff member risks a kick.