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Who We Are and What We Do

Posted on November 4, 2013 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome, one and all, to our very first blog post for our newest site, Realistic Action Roleplay, or better known as RARP. In this post, we'll be taking a look at what RARP aims to be, and how we strive to achieve it. We'll give a little insight on how we work and what our vision for the site is, and how we feel we can provide one of the best roleplay experiences on the internet. We'll show you how RARP is different than regular roleplay, and we'll also crack a few jokes along the way. Let's go!

First off, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Scottedstar (or, rather, my online alias is), but you can call me Scott. I was a former owner at another cat site which I loved running very much, and, after my time was done there, I decided it was time to make a project of my own. This site, RARP, is the realization of that ambition. It's a crowning achievement for me to be able to be able to create an own such an intricate and diverse site such as this one, and I am very excited for the ride to come. I hope all of you will stick with us throughout our journey, as things may be a tad slow right from the get-go, but I promise you that, in the near future, RARP will be a thriving roleplay community filled with roleplay, friendship, and leadership.

My vision for this site follows three main principles, those being friendship, roleplay, and leadership. I'll touch a bit on each of those aspects:

  • FRIENDSHIP: I want RARP to be a place where family-like communities are built based off of friendship. Throughout my time on the internet, too many internet communities, I feel, have been dismantled as a result of member-to-member drama and, in specific cases, anonymous drama, where another member is talking about another anonymously. This is something I strive to curb, if not eliminate, with RARP. RARP will be a place where harassment, be it verbal or emotional, will not be tolerated. However, this will not be done through authoritarian measures. I will strive to stop drama by solving all disputes between members in a quick and effective way that leaves both parties feeling satisfied with the outcome, and I expect many of my staff members to do the same. I will handle problems and disputes between members fairly. This also includes staff members. They will also be held accountable for their conduct on the site, and they are not excempt from this "drama-free" rule. However, as they are staff, they should not be causing drama in the first place. Through friendliness towards all members, we can achieve a community where everyone treats everyone as equal to themselves, whether they be an experienced veteran roleplayer or a young newbie, friendliness will be offered to every member, regardless of their experience. While it may be a challenge, our staff will have to lead by example in order for this community to be built. I fully expect them to.

  • ROLEPLAY: I want RARP to be a place where people can come for a different style of roleplay; where they can come to experience something they have not experienced ever before. This is where the philosophy of Realistic Action Roleplay comes in. Realistic Action Roleplay is a lot like regular roleplay, as in members talk to each other and engage in daily conversations and have typical activities. Nothing, in that aspect, is changed in regards to RARP. The thing that RARP does alter, however, is the battles. At RARP, battles are much more strategic and a lot more organized. An entire battle process takes one week to complete, complete with secret trainings for each side in the battle, so that neither side knows the strategy that their opponent will use against them. Typically, in an ordinary roleplay setting, battles themselves are 1 v 1, player vs player. However, Realistic Action Roleplay will offer more strategic battles. Instead of just being 1 v 1, battles will offer a more strategic element to them. For example, a Clan Leader could call out a specific term that signifies a certain battle formation in the Clan. Calling out something like "Flap! Flap!" could result in the entire Clan climbing up a tree and then dive-bombing their opposition. These "secret terms" and elements of strategy would be worked on, secretly, inside the secret trainings, which would be done in secret shoutboxes to prevent cheating. We will also provide many events to keep roleplay interesting.

  • LEADERSHIP: I want RARP to be a place with some of the most exemplary staff on the entire internet. I want them to lead by example and make friends with all of our members. They should serve as example-setters for the rest of the RARP community, and all that we stand for, and I will work thoroughly with them to accomplish this. Heck, we've already been having meetings almost weekly, where possible future staff members help me make decisions regarding the site and also learn about how they will be expected to act as members of our staff. We expect our staff to provide leadership to the community so that the community reflects their constant positive and energetic attitudes, and we will not expect any less from this. However, we will be willing to work with every staff member in order to help them improve themselves and do better at their jobs. One of the important values, I believe, in building a community is continuity, and we're going to help build up the staff members we have and help them do the best jobs that they can rather than immediately jumping ship as soon as they do one thing wrong. However, this does not mean that any staff member will be un-boot-able. They will all be held accountable for what they do, and will fully know the expectations of their job before they are to accept their positions. I expect that they will work their hardest and to their fullest extent to get this community rolling.

Here, ultimately, is what I want RARP to become. RARP, eventually, will be a roleplay site with three branches. Those branches are Warrior Cats, Harry Potter (which will launch when we get 1,000 members per day on the Warriors page), and Gangland, which focuses on gang life in 1950s New York. Gangland will also launch after the Harry Potter branch gets 1,000 members per day. The reason we are doing this staggered launch sequence is so that we can build each branch's community before branching out into more branches. RARP will employ 45 staff members. 17 for Warriors, 12 for Harry Potter, and 12 for Gangland. Then, we'll have one supervisor for each branch, and then myself. RARP will give back to the community. In a few years, we will be offering the chance to donate to RARP's fund to keep the site running. There will not be a cap for the amount we can accept. Any extra money left over after the site has been paid for will be donated to a charity that prevents child abuse. RARP, when all branches are underway, will have around one large event per week. And, of course, we will offer the best customer service on the Internet.

Thanks, and be sure to check out the rest of the site!


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